We are continuously on the look-out for new technologies that can be integrated in the Smart Admirror. Good examples of this are iBeacons and Wi-Fi hot spots.

An iBeacon is comparable with an ordinary radio transmitter. It is a very small device that employs the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol to continuously transmit a unique identification code. This code can trigger actions in an app running on a Smartphone or tablet that receives the code. The maximum operating range is around 50 meters.

Combining the Smart Admirror and an iBeacon enables the mirror to reach out to potential customers in the area. So casual passers-by can be made aware of your special offers and campaigns. The mirror acts as a focal point drawing customers towards it.
We expect iBeacon technology to become much more pervasive and advanced in the near feature and are carefully monitoring the developments of this technology.

internet_hotspot_logoThe Smart Admirror can be turned into a Wi-Fi hot spot. Visitors can make use of the internet free of charge when they are near the mirror in exchange for some personal data via a sign-up process. The collected data can then be used for targeted advertising by email, SMS or by the Smartphone app.