Business Communication

The Smart Admirror is a new and exciting way for businesses to manage their internal communications to staff and visitors alike.

You choose whether you prefer the Admirror model – typically located in areas such as washrooms, reception areas, canteens, or if you prefer, you can use one of our hi-tech digital screens (Narrowcasting) to display impactful, full size messages to your key target audiences. The only limitation to the size of message you can display is the size of screen you choose.

Typically, we supply screens from 48 inches through 65 inches, but screens of any size can be sourced for both internal and external use. If you are looking for real impact why not talk to us about installing a Video Wall that we can construct using any number of digital screens butted together to form truly high quality and impactful message presentations.

You can, of course, choose to manage the content flow through our dedicated CMS using your own internal resources, or alternatively, Admirror can work with you to design and manage the content flow on your behalf – including real-time changes for a small additional cost.

Some of the key advantages of effective visual communications in your organisation include:

  • Effective staff and visitor communications;
  • Opportunity to inform on company successes;
  • Reinforce positive business culture;
  • Promote business goals and targets;
  • Encourage staff buy-in and reduce absenteeism;
  • Inform about and reinforce Health & Safety messaging as appropriate;
  • Effectively manage customer relationships;

These attractive units can be custom designed to facilitate your specific business requirements, and could include:

  • Staff/Customer Satisfaction Survey;
  • Ellicit feedback on business change and innovation
  • Fault and issue reporting;
  • Facilitate Social Media ratings;
  • Facilitate Trip Advisor ratings (Hospitality Sector)



The strategic positioning of these units within your business will ensure that staff and clients see your communications on a regular basis during any given day (on average 8 to 10 times) and will be encouraged to interact in a timely manner in a way that will ultimately benefit your business.