Smart Admirror


We are proud to present:  the Smart Admirror, because this certainly is one smart mirror! From anywhere where there is internet access Admirror allows you to easily determine what messages your mirror displays. By means of a personal login on our Content Management System (CMS) you are able to go online and control the mirror’s messages. These message can be still images, videos but also news streams (using RSS feeds) or social media messages. The Smart Admirror enables you to communicate with your target audience in a truly unique way.

Unique advantages
Unique advantages of Smart Admirror Include:

  • Innovative way to communicate;
  • Visualise your message on trendy mirrors;
  • A platform that effectively brings across your message to your target group;
  • Positive entertainment;
  • Forced exposure: the visitor cannot avoid the message you are showing.

Variable Configurations
Smart Admirrors can be configured to suit your specific business needs, including:

  • Stand-alone: the mirror shows messages from a connected USB memory stick. No additional software is required;
  • LAN network connection: the mirror is connected to our Content Management System using an existing LAN by means of standard network cables and equipment;
  • 3G network connection: the mirror is connected to our CMS using a 3G modem. This configuration requires a data SIM and corresponding subscription requires additional mobile subscription charges;
  • Wi-Fi connection: the mirror is connected via an existing Wi-Fi network.

Made in the Netherlands
We manufacture the Smart Admirror ourselves, in the Netherlands. Our Dutch partners supply our custom-built hardware. We assemble the mechanical and electronic components
in-house to produce the finished product. We also develop the CMS and the mirror’s firmware in-house.