Business Communication

The Smart Admirror is the perfect device to communicate with your staff. Utilising its multimedia channels you can inform, motivate and inspire your employees.

Using the Smart Admirror lets you, amongst others:

  • Share successes;
  • Strengthen your company culture;
  • Promote your company’s mission and vision;
  • Increase security and safety awareness in your company;
  • Show recent innovations and accomplishments;
  • Visualise customer relationships.

Opportunities and applications of the Interactive Smart Admirror
to your employees:

  • Ask for satisfaction among your staff;
  • Judge the working atmosphere;
  • What do you think of the work environment?
  • Report malfunctions in the sanitary area;
  • Report important ideas and innovations through the Admirror.

In the forefront of the mind
The Admirrors can be installed in sanitary rooms, the company restaurant, the reception area, the elevators or any of a multitude of other suitable locations in your offices.
Every member of staff will thus see your communications on average 8 to 10 times a day. This way your communications quickly are in the forefront of everyone’s mind.